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This Week in Geek 2/19/2010 - Kiddie Superheros, Star Wars Mobs and Scared Dogs

  1. Dolph Lundgren, the German action star from the 80s and star of Masters of the Universe said,

    "I'm not really interested so much in guys flying from building to building, in funny looking suits. I think it's more for little kids, and that's obviously a very CG-driven film, where you can take anybody off the streets and make them a superhero, and that's what the common man likes, because they can dream about being a superhero."
    While he just has sour grapes because his action hero career took a nose dive, he does raise a good point. Most superhero movies do have a target audience of kids and teenagers, with the notable exception of Batman Dark Knight. I think that's a good thing in a way, but will probably always hold the genre back. [Comic Book Movie]
  2. OVER-UNDER: Although it looked cool, I count exactly five people that bothered to dress in costume for the Star Wars lightsaber battle flash mob, which is when a large group of strangers agree to meet and perform a weird act before dispersing.
  3. Some startling news about Tim Burton, the director of the upcoming Disney film Alice in Wonderland. First, we found out he thinks twins are creepy, now we find out he hates cats and that shaped his view of the Cheshire Cat. Is there anyone in this film that he doesn't hate? Soon, we'll find out he thinks people that make hats are psychopaths, supports abolishing the monarchy and tells blond jokes incessantly with a straight face. Like the one about eighteen blonds going to the movie theater...
  4. TOSSUP: Which USB hub would scare your dog more: The Darth Vader Hub with light up eyes or the Doomsday Hub which uses a key and three switches to activate an explosion?
  5. Erstwhile readers may wonder why we don't report on a lot of upcoming production news, but two of last week's biggest stories have been debunked by Warner Bros. If we'd reported on the rumors that Christopher Nolan, the director of Dark Knight, was working on a Superman reboot and that a sequel to the revisionist superhero film Watchmen was coming we'd have had to post retractions since the head of DC calls them "all rumors." But if you guys and girls want us to publish more early production news just let us know in the comments.

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