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By Grabthar's Hammer! I will buy these Galaxy Quest toys!

My brother and I LOVE the hilariously geeky Galaxy Quest (1999) movie about a bunch of actors from a cult television show (i.e. Star Trek) being kidnapped by aliens to live out their roles in space. To us, it's the perfect homage to Star Trek and everything about it: from the quirkiness of the show, to the insanity of its fans and everything in between. Which is why it's no cool that, over ten years later, a couple of replica toys are coming out.

The N.S.E.A. Protector Spaceship model looks awesome and would have fit charmingly next to my Star Trek Enterprise model if it hadn't been broken so many years ago...sigh. The Nebulizer Pistol and VOX Communicator (Galaxy Question?) also looks sweet and will look admirable next to my Star Trek phaser pistol which, thankfully, has survived the years of abuse (those Klingons won't kill themselves you know).

More importantly, this may be an indication that the film will finally get the respect it deserves. Maybe one day we'll see a surreal Galaxy Quest convention. Will there be an anniversary DVD? Could there even be a sequel? Man, that would be awesome.

What do you think? Would you pay to see a Galaxy Quest sequel or buy the toys?
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  1. Galaxy Quest is a hysterical clever take on Star Trek and the characters are pure fun to watch.

  2. @spacerguy You got the magic words. Galaxy Quest was indeed "pure fun." :)


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