I would sell my house, car and kidney just for a chance to drive the 1989 Batmobile much less own it.  Now it's possible for someone to own the next best thing.  Kruse International is selling "exact recreation of the 1989 batmobile".
The car is true to the movie in every way from its flame throwing afterburner to the 50 cal machine guns, alumn side intakes, grills, steel front turbine, alumn afterburner and real side mechanics... it has a canopy that moves under its own actuator to the correct wheels and Mickey Thompson tires.
The Batmobile will be up for auction on Friday, March 20th and Saturday, March 21st at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, so if I'm gone this weekend you'll know why.
[Image from Krusee]


Since everyone in Hollywood still don't understand what makes a good comic book movie they figure "Dark Knight" was successful because "it's dark" instead of "it's complex and has a strong narrative".  So, the studios are going to do a darker reboot of "Fantastic Four" along with other properties like "Daredevil" and.  I'm not really sure why since I thought the tone worked quite well.  Plus, I've gotten kind of attached to the actors and portrayals as they stand now so I'll be sorry to see them go.
Splash Page » Darker ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot In The Works?

Vin Diesel is returning to the well not just for Fast & Furious (extremely confusing title BTW) but for xXx and the next "Chronicles of Riddick" movie. While I love the fact that we may see these characters come to life again I think this signals the death knell of the actor's career.  At one time Vin was only looking forward, refusing to do sequels in favor of new and exciting projects. 

In 2002 he rejected a $20 million dollar paycheck to appear in "The Fast and the Furious 2" saying "The reality is that I have enough money (and he knows more will come, much more). I'm not really worried about the money. But my artistic integrity is important."

With the crash-and-burn of Babylon A.D. it seems like he's desperate for some kind of film success.  Also, looking at his filmography he's gone from making a film a year to one every two years to listing his next two projects as coming out in 2010 (Rockfish) and 2011 (Hannibal the Conqueror) respectively.  It makes me sad because he's a great actor in my opinion.  Too bad he got in his own way at the height of his success.

Diesel: xXx's Xander Cage isn't dead and could return | SCI FI Wire


This is fairly old news, but Ridley Scott is working on a big screen version of the popular boardgame Monopoly. They already have a writer lined up (Pamela Pettler from Corpse Bride) and he's looking to give it a "Blade Runner" futuristic feel.  This is actually one of several projects in the works by Hasbro to bring classic games to the movies including Candy Land, Ouija, Battleship, Magic: The Gathering and Stretch Armstrong (a comedy by Steve Odenkirk).  They may also be working on a remake of the 1985 comedy Clue.  “He’s built these great big worlds of imagination,” Goldner said of the director. “Combine that with Pamela Pettler who’s writing this great script about real people kind of playing a real-life game of ‘Monopoly,’ not the board game, although they’re icons of the game. And then you really get the idea why this story could make sense right now.”  They're hoping to reproduce the success of their other toy-to-film properties like "G.I. Joe" and "Tranformers"
I'm reluctant to lambast the idea until I see it. "Pirates of the Carribean" seemed like the dumbest idea in the world until it pulled in $305,413,918.


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