Men watching "Avatar" will be hopelessly frothing at the mouth for James Cameron's CGI women. In an interview with Playboy magazine, Cameron said that men watching his new movie won't be able to help themselves from being overcome with licentiousness.
"They will have actual lust for a character that consists of pixels of ones and zeros. You’re never going to meet her, and if you did, she’s 10 feet tall and would snap your spine. The point is, 99.9 percent of people aren’t going to meet any of the movie actresses they fall in love with, so it doesn’t matter if it’s Neytiri or Michelle Pfeiffer."
He then goes on at length about the computer's nipples which, in 3D, should be interesting. Mr. Cameron, I've seen Neytiri. I've seen Michelle Pfeiffer. Mr. Cameron, she is no Michelle Pfeiffer. Frankly, those eyes give me the willies.
What do you think of Neytiri? Let us know in the comments!
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Candy said...

Wow. Didn't they direct movies like Titanic? & now Avatar? I mean, really, after all those awesome movies.... this?

Monkey Migraine said...

He does make a good point; men will get excited seeing anything that has breasts. But at the same time, the target of our affection needs to be humanoid enough that we don't feel like we would be lusting after a goat. That's where Cameron went wrong.

Monkey Migraine said...

Okay, having seen the movie, I have to say that Neytiri was disturbingly sexy. That is, she was sexy in a way that disturbs me. Maybe it's the fact that she's essentially topless for the whole movie, and every time she moved I found myself watching to see if that necklace would slip out of the way.

Mauricem said...

You're not alone. A surprising number of people find this post by typing in "Neytiri Nipples"


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