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When Will "Doctor Who" End in America?

In the past, when trying to watch the adventures of the time-traveling "Doctor Who", the time difference in Britain and America has been annoying. At one point, BBC was a whole season ahead of "The-Channel-Formerly-Known-As-Sci-Fi", which made it impossible to get news without a tsunami of spoilers like "Can you believe Doctor Who has a daughter?" The same is true of the final episodes of David Tennant as the tenth Doctor and Russell T. Davies' as its executive producer and lead writer. According to rave reviews I am forced to evade from "the Guardian" and "The Telegraph" it's stupendous.

While "Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars" has already aired on November 15th and been enjoyed by 9.1 million people, here in the United States we'll have to wait almost a month before it airs. So, for those of us that don't want to download watch it on BitTorrent, here is the schedule on BBC America:
  • "Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars" airs Saturday, Dec. 19th at 9/8C
    On Mars in the year 2059, the Doctor encounters the first human colony commanded by one of his old companians, Captain Adelaide Brooke. The last recorded message from the base is a warning: "Don't drink the water. Don't even touch it. Not one drop."
  • "Doctor Who: The End Of Time: Part One" airs Saturday, December 26th at 9/8C
    "Its the Tenth Doctors final journey – but his psychotic nemesis the Master has been reborn, on Christmas Eve. With both determined to cheat death, the battle ranges from the wastelands of London to the mysterious Immortality Gate, while the alien Ood warn of an even greater danger approaching, as a terrible shadow falls across the entire Universe." [tardis.wiki.com]
  • "Doctor Who: The End Of Time: Part Two" airs Saturday, January 2nd, 8:00pm ET/PT
    "The Doctor faces the end of his life as the Master's plans hurtle out of control. With the sound of drums growing louder, and an ancient trap closing around the Earth, the Doctor and Wilf must fight alone. But sacrifices must be made, and the deadly prophecy warns: 'He will knock four times.'" [tardis.wiki.com]
UPDATED: With recent airdates and descriptions

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