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This Week in Geek 11/30/2009

  1. James Cameron hired a team to create an entire alien language and planetary biology for his movie "Avatar". This will only be interesting to the type of people who listen DVD commentary, and will be meaningless on-screen. Thankfully, I am one of those people.
  2. The last thing we need is another Ang Lee "Hulk". We dodged a bullet now that John Woo has come out and said he's not interested in comic book movies. 
  3. The guy who created a "wrist-mounted flamethrower" to replicate "Pyro's" superpowers must have spent eight months burning himself to a crisp. I'd market my DIY Wolverine claws, but I only have ten fingers.
    TOSS-UP: Wrist-mounted flamethrower or life-sized Tauntaun costume? I would take the flamethrower although mastering it, and even using it, would guarantee me a regular bed in the ER.
  4. "Lee Majors Rechargeable Bionic Hearing Aids" is the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. But, even sadder is "The Six Million Dollar Man" didn't have bionic hearing, which means that Lindsay Wagner must have turned them down first.
  5. The  Evolution of the Superhero Movie chart is really cool since it shows how far the genre has come, but I'm suprised that 1989's "Punisher" is the biggest box office bomb.
    ODDSMAKERS: Iron Man 2 will beat the current superhero opening record of $151 million ("Spider-Man 3"). I say there's a 76% chance the film will beat the record since it's rare for a sequel to beat the original.
Image taken from LATimes.com


  1. 1. Diagree. I think Cameron's language and biology will have a bearing on the movie, since it will make the dialogue consistent, and the story richer.
    2. Disagree. I want to see Captain America diving through the air in slow motion while birds fly around his head.
    3. Agree. Although there don't seem to be any visible burns, they're probably on his other arm.
    TOSS-UP: Tauntaun costume. Less dangerous.
    4. Agree. Next on his endorsement list? Lee Majors' Six Million Dollar Man Hip Replacements.
    5. That is pretty cool. ODDSMAKERS: I don't think "Iron Man 2" will be that big, if only because Spider-Man has more universal appeal. I mean, "Spider-Man 3" was a turd, and people still flocked to see it.

  2. @monkey
    1. The only way it will make a difference is if someone walks up and says, "As you know Bob..."
    2. LOL Actually that does sound pretty cool.
    3. It's hard to imagine him not looking like look Freddy Krueger after a couple of beta tests.
    4. LOL "You may remember me from Six million dollar man..."
    5. Oddsmakers: You have to give a number! LOL


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