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This Week in Geek 11/20/2009

There was a particulary strange batch of news this week, but for some reason Star Trek won out. Go figure. In the comments you can agree or disagree.

  1. The New Clash of the Titans trailer makes me want to run into the street bellowing "O Fortuna", while swinging a light saber. But, what made the original a classic? It wasn't a compelling story or Harry Hamlin with his shirt off, it was Ray Harryhausen's amazing stop-motion creatures.  Without those, the film will be about as worthless as a Bill Cosby mask at a Twilight convention.
    ODDSMAKERS: What are the odds that Liam Neesen will not furrow his brow and glower menacingly for the camera in his next movie? I say 32%.
  2. Finding out Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher) did the voice for most of the Romulans in Star Trek 2009 once again proves my theory: We will never see an ex-Star Trek actor doing anything other than dancing for nickels with a paper hat on for geeks.
    TOSS-UP: Which would you rather be at a Star Trek convention: Brent Spiner or Walter Koenig? For me, Walter Koenig, because I never get tired of the words "alien wessel".
  3. That the producer of "Stargate: Universe" took time out of his busy schedule to rail on someone for writing a bad review shows he's cracking under the strain of bad reviews. Soon, he'll be galloping up to people on the street and pimp-slapping them for not liking Grandpa from "The Munsters".
  4. The guy who taught his son Klingon as his first language rivals Balloon Boy's dad as Worst-Father-of-the-Year. Klingon is a fascinating language, but to hold your newborn son and think, "I wonder if I can trick him into learning a fake language"? That’s creepy.
  5. TOSS-UP: Which sequel casting rumor is more likely to come true: Mayor Guyliner from "The Dark Knight" as Khan in "Star Trek 2" or Anne Hathaway as Black Cat in "Spider-Man 4"? I say Anne Hathaway is more likely, simply because I would personally beg J.J. Abrams on bended knee not to do a Wrath of Khan plot in the sequel.
    BONUS ODDSMAKERS: Since neither film has a script, the odds that neither character will appear in their respective film. I'd say 90%.


  1. 1. Disagree. The original had great special effects (for its time), but not a great story. It could definitely be improved upon.
    ODDS on Liam glowering...I'd say 90%.
    2. Agree, I didn't know that. That's crazy...and weird. Is Wil that desperate to stick his toe into "Star Trek?"
    TOSS-UP: Koenig for me too. The make-up is a definite negative.
    3. Agree. That's so petty. Just take the hit and move on.
    4. Agree. Definitely my nominee. Imagine that kid going to school for the first time and wondering why everyone is speaking that weird language...then someone says "It's called 'English.'" Couldn't he have taught the kid Apache or something that really needed saving?
    5. Black Cat. I hope and pray they don't put Khan into the next movie.
    ODDS on neither...I'd say 50%. They wouldn't have leaked the info if it wasn't a possibility.

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