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Third Time's the Charm: Battlestar Galactica Movie

Okay, so let's review. Battlestar Galactica was a re-interpretation of the Mormons' journey to Utah, filtered through Star Wars. Then came the Sci-fi Channel's...oops, I mean Syfy's...re-interpretation/sequel to the original series, which won critical and popular acclaim. Now comes the Battlestar Galactica movie, which will be a re-interpretation of the original series. That's right, Bryan Singer has signed on to direct a movie adaptation of Battlestar Galactica that will have nothing to do with the cable TV series. Instead, it will pretend the modern TV series never existed and do their own version of the original seventies' version.

Confused? Why would anyone remake something that was already re-made and popular to begin with? Well, this version is going to be written by Glen A Larson, the original creator of the series. He didn't care for the new version, and thought it changed too much. That means he won't throw everything into the trash and start over like the Syfy version did. Personally, I'm not going to foam at the mouth like a lot of the geeks are doing. I was one of the few geeks who didn't care for the ultra-depressing, robot sex-laden version of Battlestar Galactica. The original seems a little naive now, but it had a sense of fun that the Syfy version didn't. Now I'm not saying we need to put in a space disco, but I can totally see how someone could come up with a new version that is faithful to the original without its flaws.

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  1. I heard about this and I think it's just going to confuse people. Glen Larson needs to let go. Don't hate. Just congratulate.

    I did miss the Daggett though.


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