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"Dollhouse" is cancelled

Well, it looks like our earlier plea to put Dollhouse out of its misery was heard. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has officially cancelled the show. It'll air its remaining episodes, so at least Joss Whedon will get a chance to put an ending on the series. And for those who want to argue, "It was cancelled too soon! Give it time! It was a great show!" My response would be, "Then why weren't you watching it?" The show had horrendous ratings this year, bottoming out at 0.8 two weeks ago. Of course, Whedon will blame the cancellation on network interference, an audience too stupid to appreciate his show, the lousy time-slot, anything other than the fact that the show was fundamentally flawed. He broke the number-one rule of writing any fiction - create a hero that the audience can care about. Echo was not that hero. Maybe next time, he can get it right. But it sounds like Whedon will be taking time off from TV for a while to create new and more thought-provoking entertainment like Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.


  1. LOL Dr Horrible.

    I'm still not convinced that it was all about the lack of a connection to the main character. Trying to explain the concept takes an hour and a half and usually raised more questions than answers.

    It's hard to raise viewership when fans can't even explain the show to new viewers.

    Ah, well. Maybe he can go back to Buffy.

  2. I agree, too complicated. Maybe he was a one-hit wonder with Buffy.


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