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Watchmen Costumes for Sale to the Lazy and Incompetant

Since it's predicted that Watchmen costumes will be the rage this year, Easterntoys is making a line of costumes based on the Watchmen movie characters and they're pretty lame. But, I guess if you have the money and can't figure out how to put on a bald head wig and blue face paint you could spend $46.99 on a stuffy, hot latex rubber mask to be Dr. Manhattan. You're on your own with the thong.
If you don't have time to work out to get into the Comedian costume, you could always buy they're GT costume with fake, bizarrely square muscles. The Rorschach mask isn't too bad, but you could do the same with a stocking mask and a black marker.
As an indication of the level of quality the company offers, they misspelled Silk Spectra(sic) in several places in the description, but got it right in others.
Save your money. Here's how to DIY:
Silk Spectre
Nite Owl

Frankly, I think the best bet is to be original and not be the five hundredth guy at the convention dressed as Rorschach. Cineblend did a good job last year of explaining why you wouldn't want to be yet another guy dressed as the Joker:
"Everyone will be doing it, and none of you will come close to being as creepy as Heath Ledger was. Think of how lame you'll feel when you run into someone else who has done a better job of perfecting the greenish, stringy hair and tattered clothes."
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  1. Considering the failure of the movie, not sure how many people really want to wear those costumes. But I would like to be Rorshach. I always liked his costume. That Comedian costume is so lame, it makes something else that's lame look less lame.

  2. Oh, I got it now...that Comedian costume is so lame, it makes the official Burger King costume look good.


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