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TV Movie "The Phantom" Images Released

The Ghost Who Walks...In Leather
SyFy (The network formerly known as Sci-Fi) has released concept images from the new two-hour two-night mini-series. It looks like they're trying to give it a more modern science-fiction feel rather than staying true to it's comic book roots. The movies have Chris Walker taking on the purple mask to fight an experimental mind-control program.

I haven't read the strip much so I can't say much about that, but I think The Phantom (1996) is one of the most underrated supermovies ever made. Billy Zane was perfect and the costume, while different from the comic was iconic and didn't need rubber muscles to get the physique. It suffered from a weak plot and poor direction, but it was still good. So, we'll have to see how this "re-imagining" turns out.

Bonus Link: Read about the upcoming and unrelated theatrical film.

UPDATE:  Read more at Syfys Phantom is the Ghost Who Walks Nowhere

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  1. I dunno...I never got into the Phantom. That movie was good, but also forgettable. I can't remember anything about it other than Billy Zane. Can't say the new movie looks that good (mind control?), but who knows.


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