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Comic Movie News: Fantastic Four and Green Lantern

Since everyone in Hollywood still don't understand what makes a good comic book movie they figure "Dark Knight" was successful because "it's dark" instead of "it's complex and has a strong narrative".  So, the studios are going to do a darker reboot of "Fantastic Four" along with other properties like "Daredevil" and.  I'm not really sure why since I thought the tone worked quite well.  Plus, I've gotten kind of attached to the actors and portrayals as they stand now so I'll be sorry to see them go.
Splash Page » Darker ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot In The Works?

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  1. Saying you want to make a dark version of the Fantastic Four makes no sense. How dark can the movie be with a guy made of rubber, another guy made of rocks, and a girl whose power is to not be visible on-screen?


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